16 September 2015 – TWO New Titles on comiXology SUBMIT

Orphans5 I have two — TWO! — new digital comics available today on comiXology, via their SUBMIT program.

“Endgame” was previously available as part of the collected edition, which I rushed to make available in time for last year’s New York Comic Con. As a result, the fifth individual single was lost in the shuffle. Now, #5 is finally available for those who might be reading ORPHANS as chapters. “Endgame” completes our first volume. Branko Jovanovic provided the art and Frederick C. Stesing colored inside the lines.

Corduroy1The second book is CORDUROY ROAD, the standalone first issue of a comics series I proposed back in 2008, but which never went anywhere. I eventually lifted a key scene from the book for what became Red Angel Dragnet, but since CORDUROY ROAD is fully illustrated (by Dion Hamill) and lettered (by Jim Reddington), I thought I’d make it available as an artifact of my earlier writing. Sixteen black and white pages will set you back less than a buck.

The pitch for CORDUROY ROAD is, basically:

Angels cannot kill. In exchange for salvation, Paul Corduroy has agreed to do it for them.

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