Best of the Year Lists

RED ANGEL DRAGNET has been included on two Best of the Year lists. Thanks to Decapitated Dan and James Ferguson (of Horror Talk) for the honor, and thanks to Anna Wieszczyk, Richard Pace and P.A. Nolte for making a spooky story with me.

I considered writing my own Best of the Year lists, but it occurs to me I did not consume enough comics, movies, television, music or books in 2015 to make an educated list in any medium. That said, I especially loved We Can Never Go Home, Mad Max: Fury Road, Inside Out, Ant-Man, Daredevil, and Ryan Adams’ full album cover of 1989 this year, and I’ve just started reading Station Eleven (after not having read nearly enough prose, fiction or otherwise, in 2015).


I learned on Friday that CBS has quietly shuttered its Man Cave Daily site. MCD bore an unfortunate name, sure, but its editors did everything in their power to subvert expectations, bringing attention to such unlikely subjects as my pal Jennie Wood’s Flutter graphic novels. MCD also gave me the opportunity to publish reviews showcasing comics I personally care deeply about, including C.O.W.L., Spread, We Can Never Go Home, and Liberator. Thanks for the memories, Man Cave. Rest in peace.

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