radMy comics work includes the independently published graphic novels ORPHANS, with artist Branko Jovanovic, and RED ANGEL DRAGNET, with artist Anna Wieszczyk. Both graphic novels are available for sale digitally through Amazon’s comiXology service, and you can sample the first chapters for free, with the option to leave a tip, through NoiseTrade Books.

STK697858Darby Pop Publishing released my third graphic novel, FAKE EMPIRE, a tooth fairy murder mystery developed in collaboration with artist Vinnie Rico, in early 2016. FAKE EMPIRE is available for sale from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, digitally through comiXology, or from your local comics specialty store.

I contributed “Most Dangerous In the Universe,” a fifteen page story featuring Kitty Pryde and Gamora, to Marvel’s Guardians of Infinity #6. The story will be reprinted in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Tales of the Cosmos trade paperback. The story was illustrated by Paolo Villanelli.

Upcoming work includes the short story “The Noble Savage” in ComixTribe’s Oxymoron: Killing Time anthology, and the mini-series NO ANGEL, published by Black Mask Studio.

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  1. Big fan of your work! I was just curious as to what recommendations you have for a new comic book creator and artist. I recently self-published a comic book I’ve written and illustrated. It’s currently on

    I know I’m not a great writer, especially when it comes to grammar. I’m currently doing a new draft of this version, but I think the story is solid. I recently submitted my work to several reputable comic book industries and hope for a response. If you’re interested in it, I can send you the overall plot summary for the series. Again, I look forward to seeing more of your work and hopefully, receiving some helpful feedback.
    Thank you for your time

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  3. Just read undertaker’s daughter and I thought it was lot’s of fun. Don’t get discouraged, cause this is really good. Just keep writing. Best of luck. What of your stuff should I read next?.
    See ya,

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