EGOMANIA, or the ORPHANS #1 Review Roundup

ORPHANS #1 has been out in the world and available for purchase on comiXology for more than a week now, and it’s garnered some positive reviews. People besides my friends and my parents seem to like it, which is good to know.

Mike Marlow (@MikeyGeek on Twitter), writing for The Fellowship of the Geeks, says, “The ‘weird’ stuff doesn’t look all that weird, and that helps to take the edge off. It lets us see the good story underneath. Check this one out.”

Sean Denney, writing for IGN, says that ORPHANS “exceeded [his] expectations from the first panel.” He gives us an ‘A’ grade.

The deal to score a free copy of ORPHANS #2 with the purchase of #1 is still on. Details can be found here, or a few posts below.

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