Fake Empire, the tooth fairy murder mystery written by me and illustrated by Vinnie Rico with Sina Grace, Fred Stresing, Juancho Velez, Joaquin Perreyra and Erica Schultz, released to comic shops on May 18th from Darby Pop Publishing and Magnetic Press (Diamond code JAN161563 if anyone gives you crap about ordering a copy) and is now available on Amazon.

The reviews, both of issue number one and the whole trade collection, have been positive. I also did interviews about the project at Graphic Policy and The Outhouse.

The Comicstorian also did a ‘dramatic reading’/video synopsis on his YouTube channel, which is not something I would’ve believed existed, but the channel has over 800,000 subscribers, and the video has more than 61,000 views so far. Be warned, however, the video spoils the ending.

Also noteworthy: ComiConverse reviewed Guardians of Infinity #6. The review focuses mostly on Abnett and Barberi’s feature in the book, and rightfully so, but of my story, the reviewer writes “The art [by Paulo Villanelli] is very good and Palicki’s script is one of the better stories to have come from these secondary features,” and later, “The second half of the book was enjoyable.”

I’ll take it.

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