GUARDIANS OF INFINITY Released Yesterday; FAKE EMPIRE Arrives Next Week

Guardians of Infinity #6, featuring a 15-page story penned by me and illustrated by Paolo Villanelli, was released yesterday. The story finds Kitty Pryde tagging along with Gamora on a mission of cosmic importance (aren’t they all?) and I think it turned out great. My first exposure to the X-Men was through the one-off animated episode “Pryde of the X-Men,” which aired alongside Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends in the late ’80s, so it was nice to bring everything full circle and write a story featuring my gateway X-Man. It’s just a shame I couldn’t fit Lockheed in anywhere.

The alien pilot in the story — D’Clan — is an oblique nod to Marvel senior editor Nick Lowe, who first reached out to me with the opportunity to write the story. My favorite song by the other Nick Lowe is “(What’s so Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding,” most famously recorded by Elvis Costello, who’s real name is Declan MacManus. And now you know more than you ever really wanted to about how I named an obscure alien who’s likely never to be seen again. Thanks again, Nick.

You should be able to find Guardians of Infinity #6 at finer comics shops, or on comiXology. Note that there are two stories in the book, and the first half is by Dan Abnett and Carlo Barberi. I can’t take the credit for what they’re doing to poor Rocket.

In other news, FAKE EMPIRE, my tooth fairy murder mystery graphic novel with artist Vinnie Rico, finally reaches comics store shelves next week, May 18th, and will be available through Amazon the week after. The good people at Darby Pop put together a great looking book, and it won’t be available in full on comiXology for a few months. I recommend finding a physical copy.

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