NO ANGEL #1 Order Form

no angelFor those new to the comic book pre-ordering process, local comics stores must soon hand in orders to the distributor for books arriving on shelves in November. For major label books — your Marvels and DCs — well, your local comics retailer already has a good idea how many copies of Batman and Spider-Man he or she will be able to sell in any given month, but for small press books or new debuts, it’s little more than guessing. As more and more comics jockey for space on the shelves, these books, the books by unknown quantities, are more likely to be ignored in favor of a guaranteed sale.

Which is why it’s extremely important to pre-order the books you want, to let retailers know the small press book is a guaranteed sale. You can check out Kieron Gillen HERE explaining how it’s done. (Also, yes, you should read The Wicked + The Divine. It’s great.)

No, this method of pre-ordering comics is not the sign of a great distribution system, but it’s the system we have right now.

Anyway, I put together a useful order form for you, in case you’d like to pre-order a copy of NO ANGEL #1. Just print the form, fill it out and present it to your local comics retailer to ensure your store has a copy of NO ANGEL for you on release. Click HERE to download and print the order form.

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