NYCC Post-Mortem: How to Get the Con Exclusive NO ANGEL #1

I returned home from a successful convention to discover 20 copies of the NYCC exclusive NO ANGEL debut variant never made it into my suitcase — which is understandable; I was already stretching Southwest’s rules for carryon and checked luggage — so I’m donating these unsold NO ANGEL #1s to this rad Kickstarter to support a new comics shop in my soon-to-be-hometown (spoiler alert).

If you missed out on NO ANGEL at the convention, or if you couldn’t make it to the show, supporting the Outsider Comics campaign is your chance to get one of the last twenty signed copies of the exclusive debut cover. (And even if you don’t want or already have a copy of N.A., check out the campaign anyway. The other rewards are incredible.) Selfishly, I want to have a cool shop waiting for me when I get to Seattle, but I think the campaign is worthy of your attention, regardless of where you live, if only for those kickass rewards, NO ANGEL and otherwise.

NO ANGEL is a supernatural thriller and tells the story of Iraq War vet Hannah Gregory, who comes home to bury her father and brother after their brutal murders. Upon involving herself in the investigation, Hannah discovers her father was part of a centuries old cult and had drawn the attention of an ancient evil determined to eradicate the entire Gregory bloodline.

Also: there are spiders.

Co-written by Eric Palicki (Fake Empire) and actor Adrianne Palicki (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., John Wick), NO ANGEL is illustrated by Ari Syahrazad, colored by Jean-Paul Csuka and lettered by Jim Campbell. The first issue arrives November 30th, care of Black Mask Studio.

The Saul Bass inspired debut variant cover of NO ANGEL #1 was previously only available at New York Comic Con and is strictly limited to 200 numbered copies.

No_Angel_01_Lett_002no angel

The Outsider Comics Kickstarter campaign page can be found at THIS LINK.

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