ORPHANS #1 – Now on comiXology

The first installment of ORPHANS, my Kickstarter-funded graphic novel with artist Branco Jovanovic, will be available digitally through comiXology beginning Wednesday June 19th. The first issue is 22 full-color pages, self-contained, and the download will cost you less than a buck on the comiXology website or on their app for iOS and Android.

Orphans #1
Orphans #1
Orphans #1
Written by: Eric Palicki
Pencils: Branco Jovanovic
Inks: Branco Jovanovic
Price: $0.99

Failed superhuman soldier Alexis Quinn has reinvented himself as a uniquely 21st century Robin Hood, stealing technology from killers and redistributing it where it will save lives instead of end them.

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