ORPHANS Volume 1 is Now Available on Gumroad

Last year, when I launched the Kickstarter to fund the publication of ORPHANS, I wrote:

…the launch of ORPHANS represents an attempt to develop a digital comics solution for self-publishers that is equitable to all parties.

The digital issues will be available for download at a cost of $1.00 each.

Digital comics ought to be cheaper than their physical counterparts. The publisher doesn’t have to pay for printing or freight and the reader doesn’t end up with a physical object that he or she can hold on to.

The files will be delivered electronically to you as PDFs.

No proprietary software required. PDF readers are free and available for every platform and operating system. You can open a PDF on a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The PDFs will be completely DRM-free.

Each digital issue of Orphans may exist solely as ones-and-zeroes on your hard drive, but once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours. Forever. If something terrible happens to me–dragons, most likely–you’ll still have those issues you bought, and you’ll be able to read them for as long as there’s electricity.

You’re free to pass it along to friends (and please, pass them along to friends), move it easily between devices, and you’ll be able to access and read it even when no internet connection is available.

At the time, I could not have guessed that ORPHANS would find its way onto comiXology, where many of those promises are impossible. The comiXology app has its advantages in terms of audience and reach and user interface, but I’m excited to announce that DRM-free PDF copies of all five issues of ORPHANS — including #4 and #5, which are not yet available on comiXology — can now be purchased online at Gumroad.com for $1.00 each.

ORPHANS was written by Eric Palicki and illustrated by Branko Jovanovic. Colors were provided by the invaluable team of Jesse Heagsta, Sean Burres, and Fred C. Stresing.

Buy. Read. Enjoy. Spread the word.

One thought on “ORPHANS Volume 1 is Now Available on Gumroad

  1. I totally respect this.

    It’s high time a new model hit the scene for digital publishing. As a huge long-time comics/graphic novel fan, and a huge fan of new media/tech — I’m thrilled to see the collaboration with gumroad.

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