RED ANGEL DRAGNET Kickstarter: Stretch Goals Announced

PrintHalloween is almost here, and Anna Wieszczyk and I are into the final hours of the (second) RED ANGEL DRAGNET Kickstarter campaign. Our initial funding goal has been reached, and we’ve already exceeded our first stretch goal (all physical rewards will include a signed 8″ x 10″ print depicting my favorite page from the book).

Our second stretch goal is $5000, which will add 4 additional story pages to the book. The book currently stands at 104 story pages (116 actual pages, once chapter breaks are factored in), and reaching the $5000 threshold will add an additional 4-page story to both the physical and digital editions of the book. The current backups are scheduled to be illustrated by Brendan McGinley (Cracked), Ryan Winn (Hiding In Time), Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown), and others.

Page14Our third, and likely final, stretch goal is $6000. Reaching this threshold will add my long out-of-print CORDUROY ROAD to all physical and digital editions of the book. ROAD is a sort of proto-RAD story starring former CIA operative and repentant killer Paul Corduroy, who’s compelled to hunt demons on Heaven’s behalf in order to buy his way back into the angels’ good graces. The 16-page black and white story was illustrated by Dion Hamill, way back when before I understand nuance, or the economic pitfalls of a 16-page story.

RED ANGEL DRAGNET is a great Halloween treat for fans of Sleepy Hollow and Buffy, and features full color artwork by Anna Wieszczyk (Lucid, Interesting Drug, Godkiller). Please check out the campaign, consider pledging to get the book, and spread the word.

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