RED ANGEL DRAGNET: Printable Short Comic, Free for Download

As part of the Red Angel Dragnet Kickstarter, I created a DIY comics magazine filled with some short prose pieces and an original four-page comic illustrated by Ryan Winn.

The intent was not just to create a digital comic but to publish something that anyone with a printer could make at home.

Here is a link to the free download of ‘New Maps to Atlantis.’ You’ll need a printer with two-sided/duplex capability. Here is a link to some instructions for printing PDFs on two sides.

Once it’s printed, stack the sheets so that the black circled numbers are facing up and in the same corner. The black circled ‘I’ should be on top. Fold along the dotted line. Staple. Read.

The interior pages were illustrated by Ryan Winn, Harvey Award nominated inker and illustrator of the fine Image series Hiding in Time.

The cover illustration was provided by J. Christopher Greulich.

The first issue of Red Angel Dragnet, illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk, is currently available for purchase through my Big Cartel storefront.

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