“The hope only
Of empty men.”

cover 1So, I’m working on a project right now called THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM. The first sixteen pages (of 80) have been illustrated by Vicente Rico, and I lettered the first nine of them myself (which is why the lettering is rough and needs work…I know, I know).

TWILIGHT KINGDOM is my long gestating ‘tooth fairy murder mystery,’ and the elevator pitch is basically A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Homeland. I originally wanted to call the book Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists, but seeing as it’s not actually about Atlantis, that awesome title stays in my back pocket a while longer.

I’m breaking protocol to show you the work in progress. Below is a link to download the .pdf from Dropbox.


Please do tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Secret Project: THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM

  1. Was the near twin similarity in the faces of the slain sister and the cop sister intentional? It was a bit jarring, given that the third sister did not seem as close. I hope to learn a bit more about the rules of the fairies sooner rather than later. And the woman not knowing the man’s name was a nice twist on the norm of the man never knowing the woman’s name. Fits in with how society is changing. That this is the first thing we learn about her is a little bit concerning as it may just immediately make us like her less than the “responsible” sister. If that was the point, then well done. If not, she comes off as abrasive and immediately not as trustworthy. Overall, I was impressed and I want to read more.

    • Thanks, Thomas. Lucy was not intended to be immediately likable, no. That said, Twilight Kingdom is, at its heart, a murder mystery, and it wouldn’t be a very good one if you knew everything about the characters at first glance, would it?

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