The Kickstarter campaign for the Terminal Pulp Anthology launched today and features ten new pulp comics stories from 21 rising star creators, including writers Vito Delsante, Mark Bertolini, Troy Brownfield, C.W. Cooke, Matt Brady, Justin Gray…and me.

My story with artist Ande Rummel, “Oubliette,” tells the story of a man who only exists when no one is looking at him, and I’m having great fun playing with how such a curse is portrayed on a comics page. Look at Ande’s first concept art for our story:

Campaign mastermind Steve Ekstrom has cooked up some great rewards in addition to the book: stuff like digital bundles (including my graphic novel ORPHANS), opportunities to Skype with creators about your projects, and more. Industry veterans Phil Hester and Ande Parks are illustrating the cover and Justin Jordan is penning the foreword. Check it out at the link above.

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