The BLACK MASK STUDIOS Class of 2016

no angel
I’m thrilled to be a part of yesterday’s announcement of the new comics coming in 2016 from Black Mask Studios. The new book, NO ANGEL, was scripted by me from a story I conceived with Adrianne Palicki and will feature interior art by Ari Syahrazad. You can see the first few pages here. The cover art making the rounds with the press release was done by Amancay Nahuelpan, who illustrates Black Mask’s Young Terrorists and Clandestino.

NO ANGEL tells the story of Iraq War vet Hannah Gregory, returning home to bury her brother and father, whose murders have shaken the town of Tucker’s Mill, Wisconsin. Hannah involves herself in the murder investigation and discovers her father’s ties to a centuries old cult who believe themselves to be descended from the biblical Nephilim. Also, there are spiders.

Other books announced yesterday include works by, among others, pals Magdalene Visaggio, Tini Howard, Fabian Rangel, and Matt Rosenberg, as well as another volume of Godkiller, Tomorrow’s Ashes, written by Matt Pizzolo and illustrated by my RED ANGEL DRAGNET collaborator, Anna Wieszczyk.

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