The Complete RED ANGEL DRAGNET is now LIVE on Kickstarter

PrintCheck out this awesome page from RED ANGEL DRAGNET, one of the few splash pages that I’ve ever written.

You know, Anna Wieszczyk is the key to this whole endeavor. Her work is amazing (and you should absolutely seek out her other projects, including Lucid and Interesting Drug from Boom! Studios/Archaia — I don’t actually know how to reference that publisher since the merger — and Godkiller from Black Mask Studios. Godkiller, I believe, begins serialization on Wednesday, August 20th. Grab the first issue at your LCS.


Here’s my pitch for RED ANGEL DRAGNET, taken from the Kickstarter page:

R.A.D. (convenient damn acronym, isn’t it?) tells the story of Nate Reed, a Chicago bookseller who discovers that demons really do exist. Inspired by sigils and symbols found in his own rare books, Nate covers himself in protective tattoos and endeavors to fight the supernatural forces that haunt his city.

As Nate’s collection of tattoos has grown, so has his confidence, and he’s realized that the same tattoos that protect him from dangers without can also protect him from dangers within. Nate Reed has summoned a demon into his own body, caging it there, where he can draw on its power.

However, Nate Reed has inadvertently turned his own skin into the world’s most comprehensive magical text. RED ANGEL DRAGNET, then, is the story of one bad night, during which an unseen puppet master will attempt to destroy Nate Reed and claim that skin for himself. Thanks to his tattoos, Nate Reed has grown from terrified to confident and from confident to arrogant, and Nate’s invisible adversary will use that arrogance against him.

Before the night is over, Nate Reed will discover that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fear.

You can find out more about the project by clicking:

Give it a look, and please spread the word. Anna and I will be using the funds to publish and distribute digital and printed copies of the complete R.A.D., a minimum 88-page action-horror graphic novel. The book should appeal to fans of Hellblazer/Constantine, Supernatural, and Buffy.

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