TMQ_P1Before there was ORPHANS, there was THE MIGHTY QUINN, illustrated by Rudolf Montemayor. An editor told me that he hated “that fucking song,” so I changed the title. The story evolved some in the intervening years between when that Dylan-hating editor passed on TMQ and when I launched the Kickstarter for ORPHANS, and Frank eventually lost the unfortunate facial hair that you can see in this Montemayor-drawn page. If the elevator pitch for ORPHANS is ‘Superhumans versus the military-industrial complex,’ then QUINN’s was ‘Superhuman corporate espionage.’

I love how ORPHANS turned out. The story is better for having aged a bit, and Branko Jovanovic did an outstanding job, but finding these old pages archived in my email is a reminder that I want to come back to these characters someday.

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