The Red Angel Dispatch

Beginning next Monday, I’ll be writing a weekly newsletter about comics — mine and others’ — and sending it out free by email to subscribers. You can subscribe here: The process is painless. Just provide your email at the link and away we go.

The newsletter is called, for now, The Red Angel Dispatch because it lets me continue using the awesome and completely accidental RAD acronym, and because scripting the sequel stories for the Patreon has kept me in the RED ANGEL DRAGNET headspace. I reserve the right to change the name if and when the mood strikes me.

Email newsletters have been around for a while, but they’ve come back into vogue, lately. If you haven’t subscribed to them already, I especially recommend Warren Ellis’s ORBITAL OPERATIONS, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s MILKFED CRIMINAL MASTERMINDS, Brian Wood’s FUNERAL AT SEA, and Ryan K. Lindsay’s THE TWO-FISTED HOMEOPAPE. These are always entertaining and may be of special interest to you if you a) enjoy comics, b) make comics, and/or c) want to spend lots of money on books you didn’t previously know existed.

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