The RED ANGEL DRAGNET B-Sides Project Now Live on Patreon

If you’ve read RED ANGEL DRAGNET and enjoyed it, perhaps you’ll consider supporting my efforts to publish some new stories set in the R.A.D. universe. You can see the details HERE.

Basically, I’ve written twelve new short stories and I need your help to get them illustrated. In exchange, patrons will get to read the stories before anyone else, as well as exclusive access to scripts, essays, other comics projects, my writing playlists, and whatever else I can think to share with you.


For those who might not be familiar, the difference between Patreon and Kickstarter is that the latter supports the creation of a singular project (like the first volume of R.A.D.) while Patreon is intended to support ongoing creative output (like a yearlong series of short comics stories, in this case).

The stories will be at least four pages in length (perhaps longer, contingent on patronage), and I’ll only be releasing one story per month. The first two stories, illustrated by Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown, Dark Horse Comics Presents) and Ryan Winn (Harvey Award nominated inker, illustrator of Hiding in Time) respectively, are complete and ready to go. Note that my Patreon is a “per creation” campaign, meaning that you’re only charged, as a patron, for the new R.A.D. stories. Everything else is free to patrons, as is the catalog of existing stories.

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