This Month in Kickstarter

I spend quite a lot of money on Kickstarter, but I’ve discovered so many great new comics there that I might not have encountered otherwise. I also owe my own career in comics to Kickstarter, so it’s only fair that I pay it forward when I can.

In October, I’m pledging to a bunch of worthy projects. You should check them out and consider doing the same.

IN THE DARK, a horror comics anthology masterminded by Rachel Deering (whose ANATHEMA was another Kickstarter gem) contains short stories by several of my friends, acquaintances, and heroes, including Justin (Luther Strode) Jordan, Steve (30 Days of Night) Niles, Scott (Batman) Snyder, and others.

Speaking of friends, acclaimed horror writer Dirk (Nightmare World) Manning is raising funds to publish a hardcover edition of his TALES OF MR. RHEE webcomics series. Dirk taught me everything I know about parallel parking (and I understand that he’s written a book about writing comics, as well), and Rhee is one of the best things he’s written.

Vera Greentea is raising funds to publish the second issue of her NENETL OF THE FORGOTTEN SPIRITS series. Rewards include an option to get both issues.

At this point, ComixTribe publisher Tyler James could teach a class on running a successful Kickstarter campaign (and if you follow him on Twitter, he pretty much does). His latest, the superhero epic…er…EPIC, ends on October 18th.

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