This Nightmare Kills Fascists

The title, of course, nods to the various labels adorning Woody Guthrie’s guitars. And like Woody, we aim to use art — in this case, an anthology of black and white horror comics written and illustrated in the tradition of EERIE and CREEPY — to make a political statement about the state of the world we share. Make no mistake, however: you’ll not find crude polemics or D-list celebs holding the president’s severed head. Instead, you’ll find some of today’s most talented comics writers and artists using comics to present nuanced stories reflecting on our truly frightening moment in history.

Co-editor Matt Miner and I asked some of our friends to contribute, and the resulting line-up includes Justin Jordan, Tini Howard, Christopher Sebela, Ryan Ferrier, Ariela Kristantina, John Bivens, Vita Ayala, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Ryan K Lindsay, Eric Zawadzki, and many others, some of whom have contributed copies of their previous work to include as rewards for the Kickstarter campaign, which runs through July 14th. Matt and I hope you’ll check out the campaign page, spread the word, and consider contributing.

The campaign can be found at

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