This Week In Kickstarter…

…no, not me. Not now. But some really great creators are trying to make some really great comics, and I’m giving them a little money. You should consider doing the same.

Joe Mulvey is releasing a hardcover collection of SCAM, his superhumans-as-con-artists opus, originally serialized in print from Comixtribe. The book looks great and features a metric ton of new content. Some of the pledge rewards are tailored to comics creators, including script/project reviews, a comics marketing seminar + Skype session, and commissioning an original cover for YOUR project.

Ken Eppstein is raising funds to print TWO new Nix Comics graphic novels in 2014. Do You Remember Rock n’ Roll Record Stores? is an autobiographical account of the Columbus punk and indie music scene in the ’90s, as reported by Bela Koe-Krompecher, adapted by Ken, and illustrated by Andy Bennett. The second book is a 72-page reprint of Pure Entertainment #s 4 and 5, edited by Pete Friedrich and featuring pieces by Bob Camp, Peter Kuper, Mort Todd, J.B. Bonivert, Dave Simons, Gary Hallgren, Gene Fama, Michael Fontanelli, Eric Cartier, Voss, Liberatore, and others. If I had the dollars, I’d spring for the autographed Ramones LP that’s included as one of the reward tiers.

I tabled next to Doug Michel at the Cincy Comicon, and as much as I dig the comics he makes, I love even more the energy he brings to making them. Check out Monkey Squad One, and maybe throw a little scratch his way. Holla Holla Holla.

The Sun Bros. deserve more attention than they get. If you like Scott Pilgrim or Sharkknife or fun, perhaps you’ll like Monkey Fist, which they describe as “An irreverent kung fu epic set in the mythical land of fast food. Inspired by the greatest Chinese story ever told. And video games.”

I’m also pledging to DENVER, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. And also read their excellent run on DC comics’ Jonah Hex. DENVER is illustrated by Pier Brito.


So, I’ve decided to hold off on launching a new R.A.D. Kickstarter for a bit. I’m spinning a lot of plates right now, and some of my other projects require more immediate attention. Things are afoot behind the scenes, including some exciting ORPHANS news, but I can’t share the news just yet.

In the meantime, though, make sure you tell your comics store to order a copy of Archaia’s Interesting Drug, a new graphic novel from my R.A.D. collaborator Anna Wieszczyk and writer/good guy Shaun Manning.

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