Toe Tag Riot

ttrMy pal Matt Miner, writer of the excellent LIBERATOR series from Black Mask Studios, and artist Sean Von Gorman are Kickstarting a new comics miniseries, TOE TAG RIOT, which follows a punk band that’s cursed to become zombified whenever they perform. Rather than resign themselves to the mundane lifestyle of everyday zombies, eating just any brains they happen upon, the band members decide to use their curse for good, to feast only on folks who really deserve it, up to and including members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

(Read more about TOE TAG RIOT: /

Rewards include digital and physical copies of the comics, stickers, original art from Sean, Yasmin Liang, and Shawn Daley, an exclusive variant cover featuring (and autographed by) Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley, and…ORPHANS.

I really want to see this book happen, so I gave Matt five autographed copies of the ORPHANS tpb, along with five 2GB ORPHANS flash drives (loaded with digital copies of ORPHANS #1-5, scripts, and extras), and five autographed copies of the ORPHANS #1 script to use as rewards for the campaign. If you don’t already own a copy of ORPHANS, and would like to while also supporting an amazing indie comics project, here’s a chance.

Check out the Kickstarter HERE.

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