Who I am. What I do. Autumn 2014.

Hello. My name is Eric Palicki, and I’m a writer.

shield-mockingbird-1You can purchase and read my Kickstarter-funded graphic novel ORPHANS on comiXology. The collected edition features 110 story pages illustrated by Branko Jovanovic and an introduction penned by Adrianne Palicki, who made her debut as Mockingbird on last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Her new film with Keanu Reeves, John Wick, opens Friday.) Of ORPHANS, IGN said “Excellently done. The writing conveyed the characters, story, and pacing very well while the plot was engaging enough to give you that ‘I don’t want it to end feeling.'”

PrintMy second graphic novel, RED ANGEL DRAGNET, is an urban fantasy-horror collaboration with artist Anna Wieszczyk (Lucid, Godkiller, Interesting Drug) and is currently funding on Kickstarter. Rewards for the campaign include digital and print copies of the new graphic novel, as well as custom dice bags and a limited number of ORPHANS autographed by myself and Adrianne.

You can read some of my short comics, including the acclaimed web series The Undertaker’s Daughter, for free at the COMICS link, above. You can also visit CBS’ Man Cave Daily site and Making Comics to read my reviews and essays, respectively.

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